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Modern slavery is a complex problem that impacts all sectors of society. Every sector has a part to play in solving the problem.

SlaveCheck's Solutions Platform provides a collective intelligence framework for all sectors of society to come together and share their ideas in a think tank environment with the aim to evaluate, tender, implement, and fund solutions to modern slavery.

A Solution Partner is an individual or organisation that wants to be actively involved in forming solutions to modern slavery. Simply register to be involved. 


Solution Partners have access to:

  • Think tanks - share your expertise with your peers to find solutions to issues of modern slavery.  These could be locally based or on a global scale.

  • Tenders - submit bids to tenders for implementing modern slavery solutions.

  • Funding - receive funding to implement solutions for successfully won bids to tenders.

  • Newsletters - receive the latest news and updates about open think tanks and tenders.

  • Special invitations - be invited to participate in a short sprint, fast-paced think tank to boost innovative ideas with other leading experts.

Benefits include:

  • Access to the SlaveCheck Solutions Platform

  • Access to funding tenders

  • Learn from other sectors

  • Contribute to ending modern slavery.

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